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From: Mark Miconi <mam602_at_meteoritecentral.com>
Date: Thu Apr 22 10:32:48 2004
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I vote for the RHINO series of personal communicators. They have 2-5 mile
walkie talkie range and built in 12 channel WAAS GPS.

The BEST part is that they can signal each other and relay the GPS
coordiantes to one another....real handy if your separated into groups and
out of line of site. With this you will know exactly where the other parties

They are also reasonably priced considering you are getting two devices in
one waterproof, armored, very compact unit.

www.cabelas.com for the BEST price and a 30 day, NO QUESTIONS ASKED return
policy for a full refund.

Mark M.
Phoenix AZ

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> Hi John, Bob and List,
> As Bob mentioned, I'm using an old dinosaur of a GPS -- one of
> the old Garmin 45's. While this unit has served me well for
> a decade, it has many limitations which are forcing me to get
> a replacement this year. Its most important drawback is pitiful
> memory -- it will only hold 1000 combined waypoints and track
> points. This is fine for a 1-day trip, but no good for a
> multi-day trip without a computer. So I'll be shopping for
> a unit that can store at least 10,000 points. (Probably all
> of today's units can easily handle this.) I also want it to
> be WAIS-enabled. Maps are nice, but not really necessary since
> most of the places I would meteorite hunt are pretty much
> featureless (by design!) anyway.
> Finally, I'd like it to be able to output data in a human-readable
> protocol (as the Garmin 45 does). That way I can easily convert
> it into any other protocol that mapping software (or my own
> software) requires. If someone has already done the legwork
> on evaluating Garmin and Magellan models and knows which units
> are compatible with these requirements, I'm all ears.
> Cheers,
> Rob
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