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Date: Thu Apr 22 10:32:47 2004
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Thanks Anita

for spelling this out to me.
I wonder if anyone else realized the mistake?
I read Thomson Structure also! For some reason though I got Thomas in my
Well, I better wait until the real name is revealed! :-)
Happy hunting Moni

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>Hi Moni:
> It's funny you should mention this. I, too, read the article and found
>quite interesting. I was confused by the spelling of his last name (as
>apparently you were since you spelled it a couple of different ways.) The
>article spelled his name "Thomson" but the Cambridge Encyclopedia of
>Meteorites spelled it "Thompson". Does anyone know which one is the correct
>spelling? He was also referred to as Lord Kelvin I believe.
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>Hi List,
>on this beautiful Sunday here in Sacramento, but too far away from the
>Mojave desert! :-(
>I went walking at the Gym instead!
>While walking on the treadmill, I read this great informative article by
>Kevin Kichinka in the Meteorite magazine.
>A Rose by any other name... explained that William Thomas was the first man
>to discover the so called Widmanstätten pattern in 1804.
>Very interesting to read!
>part of the article....Thomas... Structure, that name was proposed by John
>G. Burke, author of COSMIC DEBRIS, the definitive book of meteoritical
>history. Burke gives Thomas complete credit for the discovery.
>Hap McSween, a former President of the Meteoritical Society, was unaware of
>the discrepancy, but advises that he will now credit Tomas with the
>discovery in any future editions of Meteorites and their Parent Planets.
>Thank you Kevin for the article and teaching me something new.
>Made up for not going meteorite searching, well, almost! :-) Moni
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