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Hi Moni:
   It's funny you should mention this. I, too, read the article and =
found it
quite interesting. I was confused by the spelling of his last name (as
apparently you were since you spelled it a couple of different ways.) =
article spelled his name "Thomson" but the Cambridge Encyclopedia of
Meteorites spelled it "Thompson". Does anyone know which one is the =
spelling? He was also referred to as Lord Kelvin I believe.=20


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Hi List,

on this beautiful Sunday here in Sacramento, but too far away from the=20
Mojave desert! :-(
I went walking at the Gym instead!
While walking on the treadmill, I read this great informative article by =

Kevin Kichinka in the Meteorite magazine.
A Rose by any other name... explained that William Thomas was the first =
to discover the so called Widmanst=E4tten pattern in 1804.
Very interesting to read!
part of the article....Thomas... Structure, that name was proposed by =
G. Burke, author of COSMIC DEBRIS, the definitive book of meteoritical=20
history. Burke gives Thomas complete credit for the discovery.
Hap McSween, a former President of the Meteoritical Society, was unaware =
the discrepancy, but advises that he will now credit Tomas with the=20
discovery in any future editions of Meteorites and their Parent Planets.

Thank you Kevin for the article and teaching me something new.

Made up for not going meteorite searching, well, almost! :-) Moni

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