From: Steve Arnold, Chicago!!! <steve_arnol60120_at_meteoritecentral.com>
Date: Thu Apr 22 10:32:45 2004
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Good evening list.I was on the phone with a local collecter, and we were
talking about a few things, and he said, do you know that you are being
ripped on the meteorite list?And I said, no.What are you talking about?He
said that someone is very unhappy about the ebay trans action you sent
them.They were very unhappy with certain aspects of the sale.Well when I
was told who it was,my mouth just dropped.I cannot believe that anyone
would even think I would ever try and rip someone off, especially on ebay
where I have a pretty good record.But I think the biggest thing that BOILS
me is that this was brought to the met-list.I have always maintained that
if someone has a problem with me, bring it to the table in private.The
whole world does not need to know what is happening.I will never rip
anyone about anything in public if I can help it.It just is not good
etiqutte.Concerning the auctions that were brought to my attention, I
never stated that any of the rikers were going to be part of the
auction.On my current auctions I have made claimed that the rikers are not
part of the the meteorites that will go out.And I guess what really pisses
me off is,that I am being lambasted because I did not return an email fast
enough.I work 9 to 5:30 everyday.I do not get to my emails until at least
8 pm cst.By 10:30 I am in bed.I was going to responde to this person later
tonight.But I guess he responded to the whole world.I have not,nor will I
ever try and rip anyone off from this fine group or from any group ever.I
know some of my auctions are a little bizaar, and sometimes I do not have
pics or word everything correctly.I admit those faults and I try to do the
best I can, BUT I AM NOT A RIP OFF ARTIST.I have 107 positives,1 neutral
and 1negative.A 99.1% ratio of good vs. bad.I think that is pretty good.I
stand by what I sell and if there is a problem, I'll try and get fixed as
soon as possible.But lets keep the private things private.Do not let the
world in on everything.My motto all my life has been,SOME THINGS ARE
BETTER LEFT UNSAID.In cluding in private.It is 6:30 and I will responde to
the gentlemans request in a private manner,after I have my dinner.Life is
to short to bring one person down,let alone humilate them to the whole
world.Have a good evening list.

                                   steve arnold, chicago

Steve R.Arnold, Chicago, IL, 60120
I. M. C. A. MEMBER #6728
Illinois Meteorites
website url http://stormbringer60120.com

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