[meteorite-list] Park Forest Winslow St., Diana Kasco (Homeowner) Letter

From: John K. Gwilliam <jkg_at_meteoritecentral.com>
Date: Mon Jul 19 20:17:05 2004
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Dear David,
I recommend you try a different hobby to take your mind off of
rocks. Square dancing might be a nice choice for a person like you.


At 12:09 PM 7/19/2004, David Freeman wrote:
>Hello list;
>My name is David and I am an addict.
>I just got back in last night from a 4 day, 2,400 mile trip to Wisconsin
>and back (to Wyoming) to deliver a thousand pounds of rocks to another
>addict. So much for working my 12 step program.
>In the process of returning, I brought some of his rocks from there (400
>pounds) and stopped and collected another 500 pounds of Wyoming rocks
>before I arrived home.
>Help me, I am sick. Oh, I will have some anorthosite (just like in the
>moon rocks) to sell or trade very soon (soon as the car gets unloaded.
>Dave F.
>John K. Gwilliam wrote:
>>At 11:02 AM 7/19/2004, star-bits_at_comcast.net wrote:
>>><For the longest time I couldn't walk through a parking lot or
>>>down a street or sidewalk without picking up rocks, thinking it might be a
>>>meteorite. I am better now and almost never pick up rocks anymore.
>>> Diana Kasco>
>>>My name is Eric, I am an addict. I drive thousands of miles and fall
>>>up and down
>>>mountains just so I can find more rocks to pick up. I dream of "THE"
>>>rock that will
>>>make my habit all better. I am in denial. I am an addict with little
>>>hope of getting
>>>better. Friends and family pray for a cure, I pray for one more rock
>>>to pick up.
>>>Eric Olson
>>>ELKK Meteorites
>>Hello Eric and List,
>>Thanks for coming clean with us Eric, it must have taken a lot of courage.
>>I think there are enough people like Eric on the Meteorite List that we
>>could start a 12-Step program for meteorite hunters/collectors.
>>The Arizona Chapter alone would be huge!...;-)
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>>Meteorite-list mailing list
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