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Date: Sun Jul 11 04:17:23 2004
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Dear Mark,

For spotting the meteorites that were found in the Sahara Desert, if using a
general map (such as Michelin 953), you could see only the areas where those
meteorites were found, but a more accurate scale is required for being able
to spot the exact coordinates of the finds.
Now as far as NWA are concerned, there are no boundaries for showing where
they were found, as nobody knows where they were found. This is the reason
why they are named "NWA" - for North-West Africa - by the Nom Com. They
could have been found in Morocco, Mauritania, Mali, Niger, Algeria, Libya...
by Nomads, and finish most of the time in Morocco which is a renown place
for meteorite dealers who want to buy meteorites from the Sahara Desert.
Meteorites named "Sahara" were found and accurately spotted by their
finders, but the coordinates should be provided by the Nom Com 5 years after
their first announcement at the Met Bul. This is a special agreement between
some finders and the Nom Com, so that they can keep their strewnfield secret
for a while.
Here it is, I hope this will help you to find your way!
There is also a CD-Rom made by a French Collector, Pierre-Marie Pele, that
is giving all information available so far on NWAs. Should you be
interested, please contact me off list.
All the Best

Frederic Beroud & Christophe Boucher
IMCA #2491
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> Hi List,
> Are there any regional maps depicting NWA & Sahara (and others?) on the
> map? I've found some material online, but they're small scale maps that
> don't show the "big picture".
> I know there are uniquely named falls/finds through out Northern Africa.
> I'm mainly interested in a visual showing the boundaries that would
> determine whether an unclassified specimen would be called NWA vs. Sahara
> (or any other "catch all" names that may be in the same part of the
> Thanks for any help!
> Mark Bowling
> Vail, AZ
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