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Date: Fri Jul 9 06:16:29 2004
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> These circumstances lead me to believe there is a lot more to the story.
> Maybe I am too suspicious but this one just doesn't feel right to me.

Yes, You have right, but from the other side we can buy verry nice slices of
material similar to oryginal pallasites.
Nice, I mean: big slices, not rusting, thin to 2-3 mm, with min. 50%
transparent olivines. Try to find this quality pallasite in this price . You
can buy similar Imilac, Esquel, but how much You must pay for them ? Also
for example on eBay price of Brahin was destroyed and people pay arounf
1$/g, so when You put there transparent slice, they can pay much more per

Ofcourse its verry bad that this was sell as meteorite and sometimes in
crazy prices (20euro/gram on Ensisheim), but in my opinion this can be still
sell but as not meteorite and for price adequate to its origin.

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