[meteorite-list] Nininger - Perry Letters Intermission 3

From: Jerry A. Wallace <jwal2000_at_meteoritecentral.com>
Date: Tue Jul 6 01:41:20 2004
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Hi Mark,

I'd like to take this opportunity to send some praise your way. I have
very much enjoyed your postings of the meteorite related newspaper
articles as well as the Nininger/Perry letters. I feel certain that this
considerable time and effort on your part. I salute your dedication to this
work as it adds additional flavor and knowledge to the list archives.

I have, in the past, thanked others on the list that have also been
giving of their time and resources for the enjoyment and edification of the
members of our meteorite community, such as Mr. Art Jones, Mr. Ron
Baalke, Mr. Steve Shoner, and others whose contributions have gone
above and beyond.

And so, somewhat belatedly, do I thank you as well.

However...and consider this as being a bit 'tongue in cheek', I cannot
get past this one sentence in your last letter without making the following

> He (Nininger) played a big role in the early days of meteoritics and

> perhaps with my small efforts he will be remembered.

Mark, it is good that you recognize a man whose stature in the history of
meteoritics is unique and remarkable. There can never be another like him
as regards his particular accomplishments. /*However*/, I feel that Mr.
H. H.
Nininger will be remembered by many in our [as well as future] generations
for his outstanding achievements and colorful history, so please don't take
yourself so seriously as to believe that the entire burden of ensuring his
remembrance falls upon your shoulders alone.

But, your focus on Prof. Nininger in the 'letters' series will most
pique the curiosity and interest of those new to this madness of
They will then undoubtedly find his books if they stay with this
obsession for a while. Shortly after my own interest was revived a few years
back, the first book I read was _Find A Falling Star_, H.H. Nininger.
That truly
set the hook, and many books and meteorites later I still have an
desire for more, more, more.

Thanks again, Mark.

Best regards,

Jerry Wallace
Odessa, Texas

PS...I would definitely enjoy reading more of the Nininger letters.

Mark Bostick wrote:

> Hello List,
> The Nininger - Perry letters wind down in the next few letters. I am
> not sure why the sudden stop. Perry dies in 1957, so it might be
> possible he gets sick. The man apparently had a great many things
> going, so who knows? He played a big role in the early days of
> meteoritics and perhaps with my small efforts he will be remembered.
> As I mentioned before, it took a dozen or so Perry's for Nininger to
> do the things he did. Each one of these unspoken people played key
> roles in getting us to where we are now,
> So I now have to decide, should I post more Nininger letters, or
> return posting old newspapers. I think I will continue with more
> Nininger letters in hopes that we might gain a little more insight
> into the man. Feel free to e-mail me privately which you would more
> prefer I put my extra time towards. Sharing Nininger letters, or old
> meteorite newspaper articles.
> Clear Skies,
> Mark Bostick
> www.meteoritearticles.com <http://www.meteoritearticles.com>
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