[meteorite-list] Resend: Repatriating Chinese fossils from Australia

From: Charlie Devine <moonrock25_at_meteoritecentral.com>
Date: Thu Jul 1 20:14:01 2004
Message-ID: <18246-40E4A8BF-2184_at_storefull-3174.bay.webtv.net>


For years now I keep hearing that exportation of fossils from China is
illegal, with severe punishments for those Chinese who collect and
supply. Yet here in the USA, and in other markets I'm sure, dino eggs
continue to be so prolific it's as if the dinos were still laying them.
And the market evolves. In very recent years complete, albeit "small"
dinosaurs, have entered the market from China, some displayed in death
pose on matrix, some assembled freestanding. Now it is possible for a
collector to own a complete dinosaur. Unheard of in the not very
distant past. I don't know what is legal or illegal here, nor do I
really know the "laws" as it applies to meteorites. I do know I can bid
on complete dinosaur skeletons from China on ebay, if I so choose, not
to mention trilobites, marine reptiles, dinosaur age birds, dinosaur
eggs of many varieties, etc, etc......
Best wishes,
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