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From: Alexander Seidel <gsac_at_meteoritecentral.com>
Date: Thu Jul 1 20:12:19 2004
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Bonjour Zelimir, hello list,

> Needless to say that it is totally unrealistic that we envisage one day
> to trim fragments from the remaining main mass of the meteorite for such a
> purpose. The meteorite was officially weighed in 2001 (for your records
> weighs exactly 53.831 kg) and you may easily understand that it is
> excluded that any fragment is removed from it any time in the future,
> for any purpose.

Yes, this is a clear and well understandable statement reflecting the
careful curation of such a high class object of what must be called a
"cultural heritage", with all due respect.

Interesting to read that we now have an up-to-date official weight
of the remaining main mass. This is a bit lower than the data that you
will find in other sources, see e.g. the MetBase ((c) J. Koblitz)
summary at the bottom of this mail.

Having been on the list for many years I remember that you told us
about this new measurement soon after it was made way back in 2001.
If I also remember correctly, you then said that you would like to
try to trace as many of the chipped-off material of Ensisheim as
possible, by means of a call for help from holders of this material
who should communicate their specimen weights, to be able to finally
conclude a fairly good guess of the total combined weight around.

Can you tell us more about the outcomes of this project?

In this ever-changing world it is trivial to say that collections
also change over time, but the total known combined weight of all
Ensisheim stone material should hopefully be sort of a somehow
"steady" figure these days, while small losses from cutting etc.
always will be there and are inevitable.

Anyway, from the list at the bottom of this mail you can see that
there is enough of the Ensisheim stone around both for scientific
purposes and other, e.g. collector purposes, so that the BIG UN-
TOUCHABLE!! one in Ensisheim can and will remain intact in just
the state in which it is right now (...thanks also to those
guardian "confr?res", of course...:-)) for the time to come.

Berlin, Germany

List from MetBase:
55.75kg: Ensisheim, Mus?e de la R?gence
10.2kg: Paris, Mus. d'Hist. Nat.
911g: London, Nat. Hist. Mus.
906g: Berlin, Mus. Naturk., Humboldt Univ.
660g: Vienna, Naturhist. Mus.
416g: Malta, Montana, M.Cilz Colln.
315g: T?bingen, Min.-Petrogr. Inst.
235g: Washington, U.S. Nat. Mus.
209g: Tempe, Arizona State Univ.
191g: Brussels, Inst. Roy. Sci.
189g: Z?rich, ETH
177g: Modena, Min. Inst. Univ.
176g: Tucson, Haag Colln.
133g: Cambridge, Univ.
115g: Chicago, Field Mus. Nat. Hist.
112g: New York, Amer. Mus. Nat. Hist.
111g: G?ttingen, Min. Inst. Univ.
80g: Stockholm, Naturhist. Riksmus.
79.1g: Troyes, Mus. d'Hist. Nat.
77g: Calcutta, Mus. Geol. Surv. India
77g: Copenhagen, Univ. Geol. Mus.
76g: Basel, Naturhist. Mus.
74g: Strasbourg, Min. Mus.
73.4g: Dresden, Min. Geol. Mus.
71g: Oxford, Univ. Mus.
66g: Kankakee, Illinois, J.Schwade Colln.
63g: Buenos Aires, Asoc. H. Pampa
51.5g: Prague, Nat. Mus.
46.7g: Rome, Vatican Observatory Colln.
42.3g: Fischerhude, Koblitz Colln.
38.5g: Oeschgen, Beat Booz Colln.
38g: Paris, ?cole des Mines
36.1g: Hamburg, Mus. Min.-Petrogr. Inst.
34g: Moscow, Acad. Sci.
28g: Freiberg, S?chs. Bergakad.
27g: Cambridge, Harvard Univ.
26.9g: Bonn, Min. Mus. Univ.
24.5g: Bern, Phys. Inst. Univ.
24.3g: Gifhorn, Bartoschewitz Colln.
18g: New Haven, Yale Univ., Peabody Mus.
17.8g: Tallinn, Geol. Inst. Acad. Sci.
17.5g: Budapest, Nat. Mus.
14.3g: Z?rich, J.Nauber Colln.
14g: Greifswald, Geol. Dept. Univ.
14g: Ottawa, Mus. Geol. Surv. Canada
13g: Braunschweig, Techn. Univ.
12.5g: Canberra, Austr. Nat. Univ.
11.7g: Kazan, Geol.-Min. Mus., Ulyanov Univ.
11g: Moscow, Geol. Mus., Acad. Rural Economy
10.5g: Cluj, Min. Mus. Univ.
10g: M?nster, Min. Mus. Univ.
9.2g: Payson, M.Killgore Colln.
9g: Gotha, Mus. Naturk.
9g: Sch?nenwerd, Bally-Prior Mus.
8.8g: Los Angeles, Univ. of Calif.
8.5g: Bettlach, T.Stuedi Colln.
8.0g: Algonquin, DuPont Colln.
7.8g: Freiburg, Min.-Petrogr. Inst.
7g: Machecoul, Guibert Colln.
7.0g: Rome, Inst. Min. Mus.
6.5g: Bologna, Min. Mus. Univ.
6.2g: Moscow, Min. Mus. Geol. Inst.
6g: Wroclaw, Dept. Min. Petrol., Univ.
5.9g: Heidelberg, Min. Inst. Univ.
4.9g: San Ramon, T.Toffoli Colln.
4.3g: Fort Worth, Texas Christ. Univ., Monnig Colln.
4g: Heidelberg, Max-Planck-Inst.
4g: Helsinki, Geol. Mus. Univ.
4g: Jena, Min. Inst. Univ.
4g: St. Petersburg, Mining Mus.
3.2g: Stuttgart, Staatl. Mus. Naturk.
3.1g: Bern, Naturhist. Mus.
3.1g: Paris, A.Carion Colln.
2.3g: Tokyo, NIPR
2g: Weimar, Goethe Mus. [J.W.v.Goethe Colln.]
1.7g: Freiburg, J.Otto Colln.
1.6g: Bologna, Astron. Observatory
1.5g: Utrecht, Lab. Geofis. Geochem.
1.4g: Li?ge, Univ.
0.8g: Stade, A.Seidel Colln.
0.5g: Gloggnitz, Franger Colln.
0.3g: Leonding, Raab Colln.
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