[meteorite-list] RE: Survival after a large impact event (Delete if you don`t wish to know)

From: mark ford <markf_at_meteoritecentral.com>
Date: Thu Apr 22 10:31:29 2004
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I agree Eskimos and Siberian peoples would be well adapted to severe
cold, but at the northern latutudes post impact it would become
un-bearably cold, nearly all life requires sunlight even at polar lats.
If the temperature dropped another 30 degress or so for a year or two, I
doubt that they would cope for long!

Mankind would have to live off food reserves until food could be grown
there are more short term food reserves in towns and cities, my point
was that - sure millions would die, but developed countries would have
greater food reserves and resources and better means of producing food
than, someone in a third world country with little stored food, and
little fuel to keep warm.

Not much grows at -30C anywhere.

If I was going to have to survive a 'nuclear style winter', I would pick
a large well developed town over a shanty town with no infrastructure
any day!

That's not to say that peoples from third world countries are not
resourceful, that goes without saying, but a trained engineer could do
just as well.


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