[meteorite-list] It is ridiculous now.

From: Roman Nakonechny <uraninut239__at_meteoritecentral.com>
Date: Thu Apr 22 10:31:29 2004
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Anyone buying meteorites should do their homework before purchasing a
meteorite as far as I'm concerned. I spent a whole year studying -up on
meteorites. With Bob Haag's and Ron Farrell's advice and great knowledge and
the many phone call's that they graciously put up with , I bought the right
pieces for the right prices- no hacksaw'ed pallasites with uneven cuts and
lousy polishes and rust stained , no 95% fusion crust that's only 20%, no
Canyon Diablo's that were some cheap-ass Chinese fall- you get the picture.
If people want to deal with these Dealer Wannabes on E-bay who are less
than reputable, and not with established World Class Reputable Dealers then
it's on them.I personally buy from catalogs and know who I'm talking to and
it's the same two mentioned above. Stay away from E-bay (rhyme) Do your
homework or possibly get "Srewed" and receive a (mica schist ) Allende with
CAI'S and Wowy Gee Willickers, a one of a kind slag meteorite from an
unknown mining civilization in our own Solar System, no less. There's really
no excuse except laziness and the rush to recklessly buy these unclassified
, unanalyzed, just totally unethical sellers of pseudo-meteorites and
thousands of other items through "Thievery " web sites. I don't care if the
  Dealer Wannabe's think they're selling
real meteorites, it's the persons job - the one buying the meteorite - to
make sure one way or another that it is a meteorite- the real deal
                       Have A Good Night.
            ( I M C A # 0583) Roman N. -Informed Collector

>From: "stan ." <laser_maniac_at_hotmail.com>
>To: MexicoDoug_at_aol.com, meteorite-list@meteoritecentral.com
>Subject: Re: [meteorite-list] It is ridiculous now.
>Date: Tue, 24 Feb 2004 21:12:28 +0000
>>Finally, the IMCA, if going that route, can play the same game as ebay: 
>>"While all of our members are in good standing, the organization is not
>>responsible for the comments of the anti fraud squad section of the
>>website, and
>>provides it only as a convenient free service to interchange feedback of
>>interest to buyers concerned with authenticity of their purchases. 
>>reflect the opinions of the posters, and IMCA does not permit members in
>>standing to post knowingly false or misleading feedback. Any member doing
>>so will
>>be expelled and such expulsion documented on this site in "Former
>as someone has already pointed out, such an arraingment would open one's
>self up to liable, as a specific person is making the statement, as opposed
>to the imca if it were ever incorporated.
>if the imca is going to allow / force individual members to put their neck
>out in exposing fruad / possible fraud, then there really isnt much point
>for the group to exist, at least not if the type of efforts the list is
>talking about are to be actually followed through on..
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