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From: stan . <laser_maniac_at_meteoritecentral.com>
Date: Thu Apr 22 10:31:25 2004
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> By the way, the maximum weight for a stone to reach the
> ground is less than for an iron, only 40 tons or so. That's a
> stone roughly spheroidal and about 25 feet in diameter! So, if
> you notice a fusion crusted rock, say, 9 meters across, be
> sure and check it with a magnet.

thats a bit overly optimistic with regards to diameter I'm afraid... a
shperiod with a radius of 9 meters would have 382 million cubic centimeters
of volume. at the low end of 3 g/cc (juvinas) that would be about 1145
metric tons. 25 feet in diameter is still 402 metric tons.. to get 40 tons,
assuming a light eucrite, you would need a rock of about 147cm in radius, or
11.6ft across.... so remember, if you are walking down a path and spot what
looks like a eucrite boulder, dont bother checking it unless it's less than
12ft in diameter! ;) now if only lunars came in that size!

yes I'm bored and on the 'net... unfortunatly uv cure epoxy doesnt cure any
faster when you watch it, hence mental math and posting = a good way to pass
the time :)

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