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From: Stephen McMann <stephen_mcmann_at_meteoritecentral.com>
Date: Thu Apr 22 10:31:25 2004
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<P>Dear List,</P>
<P>I have a speculative question about the visual characteristics of Sikhote Alin fireballs. The Other day I was describing the visual&nbsp;characteristics of the Sikhote Alin fireball/s to a neighbor who has just started collecting meteorites.&nbsp; For the most part this was easy to do because there were so many witnessess to much of the flight trajectory through the atmosphere.&nbsp; However, it is my understanding that nobody was in or near the location of the strewnfield at the time.&nbsp;It is probably safe to assume that most of the thumbprinted individuals behaved like typical meteorites: they lost&nbsp;all of their cosmic velocity in the atmosphere, went dark,&nbsp;and fluttered gently to the ground like black snowflakes, showering&nbsp;down at a few hundred miles per hour.&nbsp; However, I don't have a clue about what the impacts of the fastest shrapnal-producing pieces would have looked like to a hypothetical observer.</P>
<P>Does anyone know whether these fastest pieces were moving rapidly enough to remain luminous all the way to the ground?&nbsp; Also, were the impacts themselves intense enough to produce fireballs?&nbsp; </P>
<P>It is my understanding that there was no evidence of burning at any of the impact sites.&nbsp; However that&nbsp;may not preclude the possibility that there was a brief instant of fairly high temperatures at an impact site.&nbsp; For example, many cloud to ground lightening strikes do not produce fires (even in the absence of rain) despite producing plently of&nbsp;light and heat.</P>
<P>Anyhow, maybe I have to much free time today, but I thought I'd ask.&nbsp; Any thoughts would be appreciated.</P>
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