[meteorite-list] Mars flood plain info

From: Dave Harris <entropydave_at_meteoritecentral.com>
Date: Thu Apr 22 10:31:24 2004
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Sorry, but slightly off topic, but I was looking closely at the Mars
Surveyor pics and noted that amid these flat floodplains were an awful lot
of craters - I got to wondering that if the craters happened during the
Great Bombardment period of about 3.8GYA, then these flood plains maybe
formed Before the event, in which case the water that was on Mars has long
gone over the intervening 4billion years.
Does Mars have tectonic activity? then I thought of Mons Olympus which I
understand is a tectonic phenomenon so evidently there has been some
tectonic movement, and yet he planet is still so heavily scarred... and I
thought the subduction of the tectonic plates over4 billion years would have
wiped the craters.
So, in summary,when did the flood plains form? When did the craters form?
Before or after the flood plains?!!
dates, timelines wanted!!!!

thanks for hearing my waffle!


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