[meteorite-list] background abotu selling the TL

From: Dave Harris <entropydave_at_meteoritecentral.com>
Date: Thu Apr 22 10:31:23 2004
Message-ID: <4031192C.00000D.02760_at_D500>

If anyone is interested I am selling this stuff again because I sold it to a
customer but I was not able to guess the weight as my scales only measure to
0.1 accuracy and when he reweighed in on receipt (which of course he should
do as it is so expensive) he found it it rather too underweight, so
naturally I refunded him asap (in fact over-refunded him to assist with the
shipping) I value my IMCA too much to start arguing over a few bucks.
So, I was sort of glad to get it back as I did like it in my collection and
was regretting it selling it.... however, the next day I get made redundant
from work and I have to sell it again in order to support my family &c. as
my payment is pathetic.
C'est la Vie I suppose.

First time I have ever lost my job in 20 odd years.... sad really.

So, whatever I sell this for will help in keeping my pathetic head above the
sea of unemployment - in other words " bid high and feed my family!!"

ho hum... the Devil always screws me these days - I mush have been a complete bastard in a previous life and this is Kharmic realightment!!
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