FW: [meteorite-list] Dear god, check this out.

From: Sterling K. Webb <kelly_at_meteoritecentral.com>
Date: Thu Apr 22 10:31:22 2004
Message-ID: <402D742B.FE90AE67_at_bhil.com>

    What a ridiculous notion!! Million year old mining slag? No way!
    I checked with all the Extra Terrestrials I know, and they all
re-assure me that there's been no active mining ventures in the Solar
System since that dreadful incident when SmelterWorld #17 went down (all
the Vorlags were drunk on ozone), and THAT was almost 65 million years
    That was when the Solar System was re-classified as an Endangered
Species Reserve and all commercial mineral eploitation was ended. Oh,
sometimes tourists will sneak past the patrols to search for the Lost
Dutchman Asteroid, but that's about all.


Charles Viau wrote:

> Wow… all those pages of chemistry, SEM and PIXIE charts… some really
> good science and impressive, until the conclusion – Million year old
> mining slag left over from Extra Terrestrials smelting in the solar
> system…..Good Grief!
> CharlyV
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