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From: Marc D. Fries <m.fries_at_meteoritecentral.com>
Date: Thu Aug 26 11:21:39 2004
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Greetings, list

Very true - I was kidding! I should have been clear on that; it can be
difficult to read a person's intent through email.

I can almost picture the ebay ad that might have resulted - "Canyon Diablo
individual, only been brewed once, some hop inclusions, weathering grade
SM (slightly malty), tests positive for organics". That, and if this guy
makes another batch of that beer with the nut in it, I think I'll let him
drink it all himself. That is a clear violation of the Reinheitsgebot...!

Cheers (not to be taken literally),

> Hi Marc and all,
> Brewers beware as iron meteorites do contain nickel which is toxic. I
> don't know
> how much it would take to cause heath problems but probably not a good
> idea to
> brew irons at this time. I've seen some Zagami (glass in that stony
> material)
> eaten and there is the story of the Russian who ate some/part of the
> meteorite
> that fell in his area. Also Mbale was eaten and thought to be a cure for
> aids.
> All my best!
> --AL

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