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Date: Thu Aug 26 09:28:12 2004
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I brew my own beer, and have been a member of a brewmaster's club for a
while now. One of the gents I know there makes a beer with a large iron
nut in it (as in nuts and bolts - type nut, not a peanut or cashew or
something). He swears that it gives it a special "tang" and compares it
to cooking food in an iron skillet. I've never had the stuff and can't
speak for it, but I would think that a chunk of Nantan or perhaps Canyon
Diablo would do much the same...!!

"Canyon Diablo Stout"... hmm.... "Sikote Alin Pale Ale".... This might
cause trouble!


> Does anyone out there brew their own beer? I suspect if someone were to
> create a 'meteoritenbier', by adding a few flakes of meteorite to the
> mash,
> it would quickly become the brew of choice at Tucson. I'd opt for a
> eucrite
> or howardite myself, or a few milligrams of Martian or Lunar if I were
> feeling flush; I suspect an iron or H might have a 'rusty' flavor :-)
> Rather than eating crumbs of Zagami, make them potable!
> Something else to do with those unclasified NWAs...
> Tracy Latimer
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