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Date: Thu Aug 26 04:02:21 2004
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I make beer on demand at a local"Vine Park Brewery". Any formula and taste
of any beer made in the world. Here is how it works. These guys have massive
formulas books by brand.type,etc. You go in, sellect your brew choice. Then
they guide you through the the whole process under very sanitary conditions.
It takes about three hours to kettle brew your batch. Then you run the brew
through a heat exchanger to cool it down befoe adding the yeast. Then it is
put away in the croisining room for two weeks - you agree to return on a
specific date and they filter your batch and you fill your own in 22 oz.
bottles Makes 60 to 72 bottles( depends on how much you sample while
bottleing.) You then apply your lable which you are responsible for
designing and they computer print the pressure senseitive lable. Cost about
$130 to $160 a batch. I make beer for our paleontology field trips every
August and everybody is pleased. Getting it to Tucson is the next

"Rusty" Bill Mason

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Does anyone out there brew their own beer? I suspect if someone were to
create a 'meteoritenbier', by adding a few flakes of meteorite to the mash,
it would quickly become the brew of choice at Tucson. I'd opt for a eucrite

or howardite myself, or a few milligrams of Martian or Lunar if I were
feeling flush; I suspect an iron or H might have a 'rusty' flavor :-)
Rather than eating crumbs of Zagami, make them potable!

Something else to do with those unclasified NWAs...
Tracy Latimer

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