[meteorite-list] Are Meteorites For Boys Only?

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Date: Mon Aug 23 09:44:42 2004
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I believe you are right: girls are oriented towards girlish things to a
certain extent. I remember being a kid and watching my older brother become
fascinated with dinosaurs. At a very early age he was correctly identifying
pictures of different dinosaurs and pronouncing these wonderfully exotic
names. I was in awe of him and jealous of the attention he was getting from
my parents. When I tried to join in, I was ignored. (Of course, I didn't
know what I was talking about...)

It wasn't until I pursued my love of rocks, minerals and fossils on my own
that I discovered meteorites. I would venture to say that girls/women aren't
exposed to these things and therefore don't know what they're missing! When
I show people my collection (men and women) I occasionally see that gleam in
their eyes ("How cool is that?" "Wow, who would thought?") but then the
flash goes away and they start thinking about what they're going to have for


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Very interesting question and I would leave it to our "girls" to respond.
But there is one (statistical) observation from 32 years of teaching at
a German high school: The girls I have been teaching during the last
32 years were mostly good at languages whereas the boys preferred
scientific subjects. Whether the foundation stone for such orientations
is laid in early childhood, I don't know but I will ask both my 36-year-old
daughter and my 29-year-old son plus my son-in-law what they think
about it. Maybe we "automatically" bring up boys orienting them more
toward science while we "inadvertently" direct girls toward "more female"
things (whatever that is) ... I really don't know but would like to know !

Best wishes,


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