[meteorite-list] Ebay "GOING TRAVELLING" Sale

From: dean bessey <deanbessey_at_meteoritecentral.com>
Date: Sat Aug 21 12:30:57 2004
Message-ID: <20040821163054.45215.qmail_at_web12307.mail.yahoo.com>

Over the past week I have let all of my ebay auctions
run down and all that I have left are around 700 store
inventory items.
In a couple hours time I will also be closing my ebay
store and ending all of those items also. So Now I am
offering a 15% DINCOUNT on all my remaining ebay items
that you buy and pay for with paypal today. This also
applies to all my closed but unsold lots (And if you
go back one month you will find 2700 items in my ebay
listing history).
Everything is not meteorites but I do have a lot f
meteorites in my ebay store now. I had thin sections
that eneded over th epast few days and a 15% discount
on those also.
But the favorate thing that I sell are pearls. Because
of my pearl sales I am now off to Tahiti, Indonesia,
Philippines, Thailand and Hong Kong on a fully tax
deductable six to eight week business trip. The weird
out of the way places that that nobody would ever want
to go to where they hold pearl shows makes it
difficult to run a business but I will somehow manage
I guess. I am pretty versatile in unknown difficult
places. I even have to waste money on a new dive
camera monday before I go (So that I can take photos
of a pearl farm with me in it of course).
Unfortunately I wont make it to denver next month but
rest assured that I will be thinking about everybody
and cyring in my margarata in the middle of nowhere
from some faraway beachside bar missing all you guys
in denver wishing that I could make it to.
See AMUNRE on ebay

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