[meteorite-list] Rite or wrong, is it a crater?

From: David Freeman <dfreeman_at_meteoritecentral.com>
Date: Sat Aug 21 12:25:53 2004
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Dear Goran, list;
I have studied these very good pictures in detail, and offer a thought.

After spending a year on a seismic field crew loading seismic holes,
this one looks sort of like a 2" diameter hole that a seismic charge
would be loaded into. A portable back pack drill operated by two people
can bore a hole about 10 feet deep with this type of device. Note
sorting of the gravel as it was augured out of the hole and the fines
came back into the hole. Gravel's as those in the picture would be
relatively hardly compacted and would need some rather creative
mechanics to sort them out in this way, such as an auger.
Has any seismic exploration, or exploration for aggregates like those
prospecting for a gravel pit occurred in the area in the past year?
Another source of this type of activity may be from someone prospecting
other minerals. This really looks like a test hole, seismic hole or
some form of auguring resulting in a bore hole to me. With the tight
compaction of those materials seen, try a tablespoon and dig down a foot
or two and see if you do not find a 2" diameter bore hole as the annulus
would be present and observed at some sub surface point I would think.
Just my 2 cents...
Dave F. (former driller for water wells, environmental wells, coal mine
driller, and seismic shooting crew leader, oh and meteorite hunter)

G?ran Axelsson wrote:

> As I have hinted and promised, here are pictures of the
> best clue of the meteor that exploded over Sweden last
> month.
> The website is far from complete, actually only one page
> is done yet, but I wanted some feedback on the crater.
> My motivation is going like a rollercoaster.
> We found a crater but so far we haven't been able to
> find the meteorite itself. That is a pretty strong
> argument against this being a meteorite crater, but we
> haven't searched all of the area around or somebody
> else could have found it already.
> http://www.meteorite.neab.net/eliastorp/crater.htm
> Any ideas, questions or thoughts are appreciated.
> We have also talked with a witness, a 12:ish year old boy
> that spend the night of the event in a tent directly below
> the second explosion. He heard two explosions, it went
> "bang - sssss - bang - sssss" and his first thought
> was that a car had blown a tire or two because of the
> hissing sound after and between the bangs.
> Sorry, I didn't ask how long time it took but he wasn't
> at sleep when he heard the sound.
> Is this a good sign for finding meteorites in the area?
> /G?ran
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