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Date: Sat Aug 14 14:41:12 2004
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Hi all,
        I am happy to foreword the post below. However, I am not
happy to be referred to as "Mike." My name is Michael. I cannot
relate to "Mike"any more than most people who's name is John
can relate to being referred to as "Jack." Not that it is likely any
one cares....
        Best wishes, Michael
Would you be kind enough to forward this to the list. Apparently my posts
arent making it to the list.
Bob Evans
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Well as it turns out Friday the 13th is a lucky day for me!
Having some free time today I decided to do a little hunting in Park Forest
near the major impacts, hoping to find one that someone didn't notice. Well,
after an hour and a half of hunting near Central Park I approached a
gentleman who was in his garage woodworking. I asked him if he had found any
meteorites. Of course he did , he lived on Winslow St. He had a couple of
ziplock bags full of fragments. Mostly small, many fresh and a few
weathered. I asked to purchase some and he said " OK, one million bucks "
and laughed. Not knowing what to offer the guy, we just talked for a while
discussing middleastern politics. He's from Lebanon , and I learned quite a
bit from him about the misinterpretations about that part of the world.
After our conversation the gentleman took the six fragments that I was
interested in buying and handed them to me saying" Take them , their yours"
Well that was great , 6 free Winslow St. pristine fragments. Who said Park
Forest residents aren't kind?
Well, tomorrow's weather is supposed to be nice..... and I have more time to
Hopefully I will have more luck and find a big one.
See the free Winslow St. Fragments ( approx 6 grams ) here :
Bob Evans
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