[meteorite-list] AMGALA - Message from Aziz Habibi

From: dean bessey <deanbessey_at_meteoritecentral.com>
Date: Mon Aug 9 15:51:51 2004
Message-ID: <20040809195149.96439.qmail_at_web12302.mail.yahoo.com>

Aziz Habibi (One of the Moroccan meteorite middlemen
dealers) in morocco is having some email problem and
cant post to this list (Something to do with HTML in
his emails I am told) so he asked me to post this
message for him. I am not agreeing or disagreeing with
what is said here. I am just the messenger. If Habibi
could post to the list he would have sent this email

hello dean
would you please send this email to the list i can't
go true the list
as i have html inbox as i m on holidays out of
dear list
there is no zag sold as amgala , and there is no more
zag in morroco.
and definetly i want to close this confusion.
what is sold as amgala is real amgala
all the dealers bought amgala from the same source ,
so what you have
in your hand is a real amgala.
so i m not going to bargain abaout marketing strategie
of sell , this
is very old game.
if someone think he get zag as amgala please let me
know i will bet
it's not true.
so i sad before in april concerning this subject that
this is only a
bad confuion.
if there is any proofs of zag sold as amgala i would
like to see them
even a close photo.
first i want to be a positive member to this list ,
this is why i do
not answer most of the post to this list
but this doens't mean that i can not answer them.
so please let stay professional.
and there is no zag sold as amgla at all , i do not
want to expalin
more , but if some one has proofs let me know
i have sold amgala to more than 40 persons in the list
, is someone get
zag as amgala let me know.
i prefer that the list stay positive , and just to
know that most of
the morrocan dealer are very honnest
and also they can not confuse zag with amgala
i do not want to go on personnal consideration but let
stay honnest


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