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Date: Fri Aug 6 14:07:22 2004
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Dear Listees:

Greetings from the Sonoran Desert.

The latest and greatest issue of "Meteorite" magazine is hurtling
toward you as I write this, and my copy arrived yesterday. The August
2004 issue features a stunning color cover photo of the Auckland, New
Zealand meteorite that recently fell in editor/publisher Joel
Schiff's home town. Comments on the fall, by Joel, are included in
the issue.

Contents include:

  "Lingua Franconia: Deciphering Arizona's Meteorite Graveyard," by
yours truly, featuring Arizona desert adventures with fearless
meteorite-hunting List members Mike Miller, Ruben Garcia, Sonny
Clary, and Jim Kriegh.

"J.W. Simmons' Account of the Discovery of the Winona Meteorite,"
with comments by Andrew L. Christenson.

"Ancient Egyptians and Iron Meteorites," by Aly A. Barakat

"A Gift from Space Lands in New Zealand," by Brenda Archer

"Allende Revisited," by William D. Panczner

"A Road Trip to Kindersley," by Martin Beech

"Meteorite Fragments & Fullerenes in the Permian-Triassic Boundary,"
by Gregory T. Shanos

"New Discoveries in Morasko," by Dominic Padirac

Plus columns by local favorites O. Richard Norton ("Only Skin Deep,"
feature on fusion crust) and Martin Horejsi ("Is 2004 the Year of the
Missing Strewnfields?"), as well as Joel's "Down to Earth," reviews,
cartoons, photos and . . .. well, really, what more could a meteorite
enthusiast want?

Don't miss this issue!

"Meteorite" is available by subscription only. Any List members not
familiar with our favorite magazine should check out their website
at: http://www.meteor.co.nz

Regards to all,

Geoff N.
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