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From: Marco Langbroek <marco.langbroek_at_meteoritecentral.com>
Date: Thu Apr 22 09:50:23 2004
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Hi all,

Here's one from the Netherlands - another country who's language has the
added trouble that some sounds just do not have equivalents in English....

meteorite name: Glanerbrug

- the two g's at beginning and end are sharp glottal g's, not unlike the
sound you make when a fishbone is stuck in your troath;
- the "a" in 'la': this is a troublesome one. It is a bit like the "a" in
"attention", but spoken just a bit longer;
- the "ner": again troublesome. But the "e" quite like the opening "e" in
"everywhere". Some Dutch would perhaps be happy to pronounce it like in
"nerd". But the "r" should be more of a rolling "r", unless you are from
Leiden or Rotterdam.
- "brug". The "r" a rolling "r"; the "u" is very troublesome, I cannot come
up with an equivalent sound in any English word. English just pronounce the
"u" quite differently, with a flat "a" sound in it which is missing in the
Dutch pronounciation. It is a short "uh"-sound. Maybe a bit perhaps like
the "ea" sound in "early".

- Marco
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