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Date: Thu Apr 22 09:49:03 2004
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Hello List,

I'm found this interesting article on a Russian Meteorites site.

"DO ERUPTIVE COMETS EXIST?" by E.V. Dmitriev from Khrunichev State
Research and Production Space center DB =93Salyut=94 ,=

Moscow, Russia.

Here is a link:


And here is an abstract:

"The paper presents the results of analysis of samples of the so-called
=93pseudo-meteorites=94 (slag pumice) collect=
in ten different regions in Russia and Kazakhstan. On the base of the
obtained data it is possible to assume that investigated
samples called subtektites are made of the material of the
eruptive short period comets and have the genetic unity
with tektites. The mechanism of their generation, and of
tektites as well, turned out to be identical to the mechanism of
fulgurites generation. The glass fibers of complex forms
revealed in the samples were called as streamer-glasses and they can be
considered as petrological features of electrical
breakdown. New hypothesis regarding tektites origin is proposed. It
is roposed to improve the meteorites classification
adding the comet meteorites class which includes tektites
and subtektites as well as some types of iron meteorites The methods of
extracting (with the help of streamer-glasses) of
the comet substance out of =D3optoginic astroblem sets, impact craters an=
soils in the regions of explosion of large bolides in
atmosphere are given. This methods were proved in the region
of the Tungus meteorite explosion.

Based on the concept developed by the author the assumption is made that
the Tungus meteorite was an eruptive comet nucleus and the
substance fallen out at the place of catastrophe had the
differentiated composition which differed little from
the composition of the Earth sedimentary and eruptive rocks.
To justify the proposed assumption the results of the
microscope examination of the soil and peat samples
taken in the catastrophe epicenter performed per the special methods are
presented. In the samples the large amount of the comet
particles - streamer-glasses and subtektites - is revealed. This allows
to make an assumption that the mass fall out of fine-dispersed
and splintered substance of the Tungus meteorite took place
in the epicenter of the explosion."

Article contains many pictures but is in Russian language. If you will
use some of on-line translators it should be helpful.

Best regards,

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