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Date: Thu Apr 22 09:49:03 2004
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Recently I had some Eagle Station for sale. I have absolutely no reason to
doubt my source of this material as many of us have purchased from this
gentleman and have always been completely satisfied. Just to be on the safe
side however, I have emailed Dr Marian Tredoux a link to my site that has
pictures of the slices I have sold and invited any comments that may be made
concerning them. Should the pieces I had turn out to be illegitimate then I
will be offering a full refund to the gentlemen who purchased them from me
as well as a very public notice of the person who sold them to me.
Best wishes,
Rhett Bourland
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Dear List,

If anyone has any further information on Itsawisis being offered for sale
as Eagle Station please contact Dr. Marian Tredoux.

Thank you!

Paul and Jim


Dear Paul and Jim,

I have received a lead from someone who thinks that a piece (or pieces) of
Itsawisis might be being offered for sale as Eagle Station, its 'nearest
relative' chemically and texturally. If either of you know of such material
up for sale, and could get a good quality picture of it to me, I would be
able to make a good guess at whether the specimen is Itsawisis or Eagle

Yet again -- many thanks for your help.

Marian T.
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