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Date: Thu Apr 22 09:49:03 2004
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Anyone want to sell a Canadian Doctoral candidate some Vigarano CV3.3?

Regards to all,

Kevin Kichinka

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Hi, I found your email address from the Meteorite Dealer List within The
Meteorite Exchange website. May I ask for your help? I'm looking for the
person or people who hold the Vigarano meteorite. I need three different
CV3 meteorites that are chemically reduced with as little as possible
shocking to the mineral structure. I require them for my PhD project. I
already have access to the Allende, my research shows me that the
Vigarano is suited for my project. Can you direct me to the person who
holds the Vigarano meteorite or at least to someone who might be able to
help me with my search?
Thank you very much for any help, Mark

Mark T. Smethurst
107 Limerick St.,
Oshawa, Ont.,
L1J 7A8
Email: <marksmethurst_at_home.com>

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