[meteorite-list] Silica Gel: tastier than haggis

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Date: Thu Apr 22 09:49:02 2004
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I looked and survived ONLY because in my past, have toured cattle &
hog packing houses, observed that witch goes in to our "tube steaks",
assisted a veterinarian in post mortem of various animals including
some that had spent the last 2-3 days in the hot Iowa sun. My dog saw
the "thing" on my monitor and we've been unable to get him out from
under the bed for the last two hours.
Bill Houdek bhoudek_at_swbell.net
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> > It probably << sounds gross >> because it IS, and don't let him
fool you,
> > Rob
> > loves it to the point of taking pictures of it. I leave it to
the rest of
> > the list to decide. If you have the "stomach" ;-) take a look at
> > stuffed
> > one. Small children may become frightened, so exercise caution
with this
> > photo. I predict complete unanimity on the list for the first
time in
> > recorded history. ;-)
> >
> I looked and survived.
> Probably because I was raised on "Escargots" and "Tripes a la mode
de Caen".
> Delicious.
> If you want the recipes let me know.
> Anne Black
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