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From: Michael Blood <mlblood_at_meteoritecentral.com>
Date: Thu Apr 22 09:49:01 2004
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Greetings all,
        I recently advertised thin part slices of Agoult. Unfortunately,
I was given some misinformation to whit, it was the "only
non-brechiated Eucrite known." Fortunately, one more astute than
myself quickly pointed out the error here. This is not the case, as the
following are also unbreciated eucrites:
Moore County and
Serra de Mage
        Of course, anyone who wants to cancel an order - please do so.
I never mean to mislead and I would vastly prefer an order cancelation
to any customer being dissatisfied.
        On other fronts, I was informed by another customer that thin
sections are microns thick....too true, but these were stated to be
what they ARE, thinly cut partslices, NOT thin sections.
        Yet another person contacted me as having misquoted David
Weir - this also was a misunderstanding, as the quote was word
for word. The confusion came with the commentary embeded
within the quote about the 89gram stone - in parenthesis, a
commentary about the 400 gram stone later found. Commentary
within parenthesis () indicates it is by the author making the
citation, not the author being quoted.
        So, hope that clears these things up.
        Apologies ont he "only unbreciated Eucrite" - took someone's
word for that one - usually quite the reliable source.
        Sorry for any and all misunderstandings.
        Best wishes to all, Michael
        Best wishes, Michael

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