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Date: Thu Apr 22 09:49:01 2004
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I think the best way to let someone know that you harbour no ill feelings is
to do the following:

Find someone you do not know.
PUT A SMILE on your face.
Walk up to the person or persons while smiling and introduce yourself. Tell
them that you are a fellow American and that you are glad to know they are

Who knows...you might even be planting the seeds for a long friendship.

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> List,
> I would like to offer my two cents on the terrorist
> attacks and something I believe should be done.
> I know, as do all of you, that the Seeks (sp) in this
> country are being targeted by a small number of
> people. We realize ofcourse, that this type of action
> is ill-directed and rediculous.
> Bottom line:
> 1. Seeks/Seiks in America have been expressing their
> sorrow and concerns about being targeted and have let
> us know that they are not the terrorists
> 2. The news and talk radio are trying to educate the
> people that these people are not the enemy.
> 3. I believe that what is missing is for the people to
> form a group to let Seeks/Muslims/Arab-Americans know
> that some of us DO realize that they are not the enemy
> and to relieve their worries. When people get
> together, others fall into place and more support
> comes on quickly.
> I don't know exactly how to do that, but I think that
> that would be more effective than the anchors just
> giving the Muslims air time to express their concern.
> I just don't think that there is a certain amount of
> air time that will make these people say, "OK, I'm
> sure everyone knows now." If they saw people ANSWER
> their concerns though, they would know that some of us
> understand their plight.
> It is the same thing as the psychologists on-site to
> help the emergency crew. The firemen and police are
> human too. They are trained for crises, but this is
> extreme. I'm glad there is someone there for them to
> talk to about what they are seeing.
> Several posts to this list have brought tears to my
> eyes. I simply can not fathom ground zero.
> I have a week stomach for blood. I can not begin to
> imagine ground zero.
> A Jeep recently ran over a large pice of metal which
> flew up and hit my car. The noise was incredible- when
> it hit my windshield. It took out a chunk of metal
> from the frame of my car. It smashed my windshield. It
> took out my side mirror. I'd say if it hit 1-2 inches
> higher, I might be dead. Ground zero? I know it is a
> horrifying site, but I just can't imagine.
> I am under the impression that simple volunteers are
> not needed, but rather specialists are. I don't
> understand that. Certainly they need people to help
> move buckets or more dog food. Does anyone have insite
> on this?
> Thanks,
> Ari Machiz
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