[meteorite-list] A difference of opinion

From: Michael Blood <mlblood_at_meteoritecentral.com>
Date: Thu Apr 22 09:49:00 2004
Message-ID: <3BA3ACA4.1B16_at_home.com>

Dear Tet,
        I cannot tell you how refreshing it is to hear yet another
voice of sanity.
        The ranting and raving calls for vengeance, with a "blood
guts and veins in my teeth" mentality (I am ever so tempted
to go down that path, myself. It DOES provide respite from the
grief and even the illusion of power) - and displacement of rage
toward Matteo (though he is bothersome with constant ads
on a daily basis - his lapse of sensitivity was CERTAINLY not
deserving the magnitude of anger directed at him) indicate a
frothing at the mouth under the guise of "patriotism" - which
is little more than mob mentality hiding beneath a flag. When
angry, one must be ever so diligent and introspective that one
is not USING that anger to "protect" one's self from the grief
and frustration of immediate powerlessness in the face of such
devastation - even more importantly, that one does not displace
that anger onto others NOT the source of the grief and rage:
Not onto Matteo or Muslims in general or Afghan civilians...or
to Kevin or you or me, or ANYONE other than terrorists and
their backers. Such displacement is the stuff linchings and
world wars are made of, and the grief of these so recent losses
- even THIS overwhelming sorrow would pale in comparison
to the millions that would be killed if wisdom were to fail to
prevail. Constructive use of anger is a great challenge, but
absolutely possible.
        Thank you for stepping foreword. One gets the definite
sense this mob mentality could be turned against any of us
EASILY for saying something anyone perceives as "unpatriotic."
It is a scary time & God help us all if this disease becomes
influential among our country's "leaders." That is where my
most concerted prayers are focused. Thank God this country
DOES have a history of often bringing out the best in a president
at the worst of times. Let it now be so.
        It seams almost sacrilegious to speak of a "conscientious war,"
as I am sure Jesus' response would be VERY similar to that
of the Dalhi Lama's. While I am confident they are both "right"
in the greater scheme of things, and while even RECENT history
has proven the power of such a position (with the liberation of India
from the heavy handed rule of England through the pacifist movement
headed by Ghandi) I am not so good a Christian that
I can fully surrender to such a holy position, but niether am I a mad
man who thinks that deciding that the killing of civilians is
"acceptable," without making YOU a terrorist.
        So, keep up those prayers - and while you are at it, a few
ponies never hurt, either.
        Thank you again, for your words of wisdom, Michael
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