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From: Michael Blood <mlblood_at_meteoritecentral.com>
Date: Thu Apr 22 09:49:00 2004
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Dear Tet,
        Here, hear.
        Thank you, Michael

tett wrote:
> Rob and Colleen,
> Right now there is nothing more important than to turn to God in
> whatever form each individual believes.
> Right now we must pray for each individual that has been and will be
> affected by this brutality.  This means everyone.  Dead American,
> grieving widow, tired rescue worker, western ally, Afghani peasant. 
> This criminal deed will have horrible ramifications on all of
> humanity.
> Right now we must realize that more violence will not stop the
> terrorism.  PERIOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  More violence is exactly what
> these terrorists want.  If innocent Afghanis or other Muslims die then
> we will only add fuel to the fire and increase the homeland support
> for the terrorists.
> After prayer, tending to the dead and their families, cleaning up the
> debris, then we can go on and figure out how to stop future attacks. 
> Get Bin Ladin and his group.  Get the terrorists.  I am sure that with
> political pressure and, if needed, invading forces we can round up
> these criminals.  In this way we can fight directly with the
> terrorists and those that wish to support them.  As well, we need to
> guard ourselves as best as possible so that terrorists can not kill on
> this type of scale again.
> I am sure many will say that this is simply naive.  I say it will be
> difficult but possible.  What is naive is to think that we can bomb a
> country to get hold of a small faction.
> More innocent people must not be killed in a broad stroke of war in
> order to get a few of the aggressors.  Again, not only will this be
> ineffective but will, in turn, lead to more terrorist attacks.
> No life is more precious than another's.  This is fundamental in my
> religion and I believe in most of the worlds religions.  A peasant
> Afghani is equal in the eyes of God as any affluent American.  We must
> hold all life as precious.
> Kevin and Michael, I am with you.  Let us pray.
> Mike Tettenborn
> P.S. Michael and Cathi Casper.  Thanks for the Wendell Berry poem:
> Now you know the worst
> we humans have to know
> about ourselves, and I am sorry,
> for I know that you will be afraid.
> To those of our bodies given
> without pity to be burned, I know
> there is no answer
> but loving one another,
> even our enemies, and this is hard.
> But remember:
> when a man of war becomes a man of peace,
> he gives a light, divine
> though it is also human.
> When a man of peace is killed
> by a man of war, he gives a light.
> You do not have to walk in darkness.
> If you will have the courage for love,
> you may walk in light.
> It will be the light of those who have suffered
> for peace. It will be your light.
> Rob and Colleen wrote:
>       Kevin/Michael
>      Let us just pray then. Oh please make terrorism and
>      religious zealots go away, we don't like it, it's bad. And
>      please God, Buddha, Mohammed, Great Spirit of the North, can
>      I have a pony too?
>      Sorry, only fools try to wish things away.
>      I advocate doing this right, minimizing innocent deaths, but
>      when we (NATO) are assured of our targets then I pray that
>      we destroy them with a fury that will be legendary, even in
>      Hell.
>      Pray for the dead, the families of the dead, our heroes, our
>      president and world leaders. But if you are praying for
>      anything other than the death of terrorists as a whole then
>      those prayers are wasted and perhaps you should consider a
>      difference of religion.
>      This is not boasting, this is the view of the US government,
>      Millions of Americans, and if you watch the news, a few
>      other countries too. I don't sit around wishing for war,
>      this is not a dream come true, a chance to unleash my own
>      personal wrath. I have no desire to fight but fight we must
>      and I will go if called upon. We are dealing with the
>      insane, a new breed of terrorist bent on destroying anyone
>      who isn't religious enough for him. They kill
>      indiscriminately. There is no religious solution here and I
>      hope I misread your intent of your post.
>      Finally, we agree on the bashing of poor Matteo. We need to
>      get on. The same people who chastised him for "life must go
>      on" were obviously sitting at their computers reading their
>      email. Life goes on guys. Stores are open, planes are
>      flying, the stock market reopens Monday. Capitalism
>      continues and Matteo is dealing with this just like the rest
>      of us. We know his posts are always threefold but we
>      subscribe to those three lists. They are always threefold,
>      we know this, so let's not go mustang on this little issue.
>      Someone had to be the first to resume the regular activities
>      of daily living. He is an asset to this group.
>      Kevin/Michael. I have always enjoyed your posts in the past
>      and again I hope I have misread your intent here.
>      Rob Wesel
>      Ambassador of freedom, don't own a gun or know how to use
>      one, agnostic, 30-year-old whiteneck.
>      MARSROX_at_aol.com wrote:
>           I just came in from six hours of collecting yard
>           debris scattered by Tropical
>           Storm Gabriel this morning. There's enough to fill
>           a small dumpster. A fifty
>           foot (16m) Washingtonian Palm was blown over next
>           door falling between our
>           houses. During my chores I found myself fuming
>           over some of the dialogue
>           that's passed this way during the last days. I
>           will offer here a different
>           observation.
>           List members have offered their views about this
>           week's horror. The views
>           range from offering prayers (I'm all for that) to
>           "nuke their babies with
>           bombs slick with pig grease" (I'm all against
>           that).
>           The latter redneck suggestion personally offends
>           me and doesn't reflect what
>           America stands for. I'll remind my pompous friends
>           that each of us is an
>           ambassador of our country on this list that
>           circulates around the world. I'll
>           remind my friends that Teddy Roosevelt prepared
>           for war with these words -
>           "Walk softly and carry a big stick."
>           I'll assume from these boasts, that certain list
>           members will be applying to
>           join a branch of our Armed Forces this Monday and
>           ask for duty in Afghanistan
>           so that they can better let their deeds match
>           their vengeful desires. We
>           mostly need human intelligence so you'll be
>           assigned to infiltrate the devils
>           liar. Grow a beard and smell like a camel, it's
>           part of the uniform.
>           Having looked over the border into Afghanistan
>           from Pakistan and walked away
>           alive, walked away from arms dealers with discount
>           Stinger missiles (some
>           assembly required), barrels of hash oil, and the
>           knowledge that a "bad deal"
>           would result in my head becoming a polo ball for
>           horsemen, I'll challenge my
>           belligerent justice seekers taking up space here
>           with their macho rhetoric to
>           cross the Hindu Kush and seek and destroy the
>           enemy within. In "Victory they
>           will prevail". Send me a card.
>           Otherwise, please put your wee-wees back in your
>           pocket.
>           The second matter concerns approximately the same
>           individuals chastising
>           Matteo for advertising a meteorite sale yesterday.
>           I note that Matteo sent
>           his sympathies to this list on Sept. 11. I also
>           note that every bank,
>           government office, 7-11 and McDonald's in SW
>           Florida is open for business
>           yesterday, today and tomorrow.  No public or
>           private school in Lee County
>           Florida has ever closed due to this disaster.
>           Apparently everyone is "selfish
>           and unpatriotic" around here.
>           This IS the "Meteorite bulletin board", not a
>           venue for hysterical political
>           babblings.  I'm disappointed with this needless
>           public embarrassment of
>           Matteo. To be fair, be sure to insult Steve Arnold
>           who just sent me a list of
>           goodies available in Denver. Be sure to insult all
>           the dealers in Denver who
>           are pushing meteorites this moment for their own
>           personal greed. Go ahead and
>           insult me for not praying in all four cardinal
>           directions this morning.
>           Conversely , the church service I watched at noon
>           during a break in my work
>           was so inspirational. The Reverend  Billy Graham
>           sure grabbed my attention
>           with his message that "the dead are in heaven now
>           and I assure you they don't
>           want to come back here!"
>           Hopefully in Heaven I won't have to read the crap
>           I've seen here. Actually I
>           don't have to read here and now.
>           Matteo is not a friend or acquaintance. Neither is
>           he the devil incarnate.
>           Matteo has done nothing wrong and is owed an
>           apology from those who have
>           insulted him. My time is valuable and I don't
>           waste it reading messages from
>           those who don't have a mature point-of-view.  If I
>           don't see an apology, I
>           will be blocking the addresses of these offenders
>           from my mailbox (you're
>           first up Harlan.....).
>           And by the way all you "masters of war" - be
>           careful what you wish for, it
>           might come true.
>           Kevin Kichinka
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