[meteorite-list] Time to focus on meteorites

From: tett <tett_at_meteoritecentral.com>
Date: Thu Apr 22 09:49:00 2004
Message-ID: <3BA34260.CF2956C5_at_bmts.com>


Many of us have vented and expressed our deepest concerns over what has
happened. More than ever, I appreciate this list for the wisdom that
shines through and the collective intellect of the group. I respect all
the posts and ,believe it or not, agree with all to some degree.
Someone mentioned in an earlier post that this list has become a family
and I think that this is wonderful.

I apologize to any list member if I have offended you with my remarks.
I am learning day by day and struggling to find the right path. This is
no easy task but it is a beautiful one. There are no simple answers to
the questions we must face.

My wife belongs to a marathon walkers list and a few days ago they
decide to focus back on walking. I think we should now focus again on
meteorites. Let's continue with our lives, however changed they might
be. Let us fight evil in our own ways but, perhaps, in different

I propose that we call a moratorium on "terrorist" posts. Perhaps as of
Monday we can focus again on meteorites. I have stated my position and
opened myself to all here. I fully want others to do the same if they
wish to.

This is only a suggestion. The last thing I want to do is dictate my
demands on others. What does the rest of the list think?

Mike Tettenborn
Received on Sat 15 Sep 2001 07:58:24 AM PDT

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