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From: Rhett Bourland <rbourlan_at_meteoritecentral.com>
Date: Thu Apr 22 09:49:00 2004
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Sent my last email and went out for the evening and just back in. I wanted
to send out a clarification to my last post. I was upset that Matteo
rationalized his posting as saying that it was aimed towards Europeans and
implied (at least to me) that they weren't really effected that much by what
happened on Tuesday. As stated below I just wanted to say that this act was
against everyone, not just the US and that we are all effected.
Personally, I don't really care if he sends out announcements or not. Hell,
early this morning I emailed a couple people about buying/selling meteorites
without even giving it a second thought. Life does go on and while
understandably there are some people out there who can't or don't want to
even think about meteorites right now and who undoubtedly feel our deepest
sympathies most of us are still interested in our hobbies and in some cases
livelihoods. In some respects meteorites are like any luxury item (and I
use that term in the loosest meaning in that we could live without them).
You don't really need them but you really love them anyways. Jewelery
stores are still open, car stereo stores are still open, astronomy stores
are still open, so why not still buy/sell meteorites? In Matteo's case, and
I'm sure there are quite a few others, even though this horrible tragedy did
occur the dealers still have to put their food on the table in the way that
they know how. I doubt any of us got upset that Best Buy was open today,
did we?
Anyways, that's just my 2 cents. Hopefully this didn't ramble on too much
as I'm quite tired. I'm stepping of my soap box now and going to bed.
Good night,
Rhett Bourland

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Yes, we realize that there are European collectors out there on our lists as
well. This attack on US soil was not only against America, but all free
nations everywhere. Leaders from around the world have been expressing
their condolences. There have been symbols of mourning from everywhere
around the world including MANY of the US's former enemies. This was not
just an attack against Americans. If it were not then why would all of the
NATO countries come together to join in the fight against the bastards who
did this? The very same countries that are home to the collectors that you
hope to reach will be going to the very same war that the country that is
home to the majority of those on these lists.
We are ALL in this. We are ALL deeply saddened by this act. We are ALL
going to be dealing with the after affects of this.

Rhett Bourland
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