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From: Charlie <moonrock25_at_meteoritecentral.com>
Date: Thu Apr 22 09:48:59 2004
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Dear Walter and list,

In this eloquent column Mr. Pitts forcefully expresses the anguish,
resolve, and determination to prevail of the American people in the wake
of Tuesday's attack. But in asking what Osama bin Laden hoped to
accomplish, I believe the answer is not hard to find, though impossible
to understand. Osama bin Laden wants the United States to attack him.
Ever since what he perceived to be the defilement of Islamic holy sites
in his native Saudi Arabia by the "infidel" forces of the Gulf War,
Osama bin Laden has planned to lead a Jihad against the leader of those
forces, the United States. By the act of war he launched against
America on Tuesday, he is counting on that war to be joined. He is
asking us to take him on. And as President Bush, the American people,
and the civilized world has indicated, he will get his wish.

I believe no one should be under the illusion that this man is stupid
and doesn't have further plans in place. In the wake of the breakdown
of American intelligence, our leaders have turned to Russian and Israeli
intelligence for help. The Russians have indicated a strike against an
American nuclear facility may be planned.
Osama bin Laden has terrorist cells in at least 34 nations. Should we
expect they have no plans in place once this war is joined?

Here is an intelligence assessment indicating there may be 30-50
terrorists associated with bin Laden's organization in the United States
right now, and what they may be planning:


Pray for Peace,
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