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From: Matteo Chinellato <mcomemeteorite2000_at_meteoritecentral.com>
Date: Thu Apr 22 09:48:59 2004
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Hello all

Then, care Mr. Trammell of sure is already from much
time that purchase and I will not acquire its material
inasmuch as the only piece exchanged with he - a slice
of Brahin - has gone to pieces as soon as arrived to a
my customer creating a sure embarrassment, placed care
my email on the several lists I then repeat other
members of this list must stop to insert a message for
every list to which they are enrolled for the Ebay
auctions, as several make, I I only insert the email
in order to inform and repeat, who wants opens to
them, who wants cancels to them or who wants blocks my
address, other thing inasmuch as the pain is a lot
large meteorites to which I have acquired meteorites,
make pressures why I send the money in America also in
these days - for that one I have placed the email for
knowing as it was the situation of the mail Americans
- inasmuch as this fact that the entire world has
upset " will be resolved " between much time, I
presume beyond the two months, then I end to that time
I will not send no letter with money in USA, sincerely
the idea to lose the money that me costs hard work to
pull outside not me happy a lot. But that they do not
come to me sent email of demand for money in these
days, inasmuch as to me you say that I am interested
more of the human meteorite that of the screw, much
mistaken what, then I say that to sure persons the
money interests more that the persons died in the
disaster. The money will be only sent the European
vendors. I guarantee to you that here in Italy the
succeeded disaster to New York has upset all, but when
in Italy they have succeeded massacres of the Mafia,
attacks here or other serious things, the world has
not attended a lot to the Italian State.


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