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Date: Thu Apr 22 09:48:59 2004
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"A billion stars go spinning through the night blazing high about your head, but in you is the presence that will be when all the stars are dead."

-Maria Renier Rilke

Poignant words... Pointing to what is the eternal essence of our beings, and souls...

I have made my choice. I will stand solidly with my people, and my country.

And though we are not right on many things, and though we have not in all things stood for justice, and the freedoms we espouse-- we are a family. And our family has been assaulted by a force that hates us, and our civilization.

We must get over this-- we will get over this-- then the other issues will return, and perhaps be resolved in the ways of peace rather than war.

But I fear for now there will be war.

And I have made my choice.

We will all have to make a choice.

And it will be hard, and there will be blood, and there will be tears.

And when it is past, we must pray, we must work for peace, and that our consciousness is in line with the hope of all that we strive to be....

Steve Schoner

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