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From: David Freeman <dfreeman_at_meteoritecentral.com>
Date: Thu Apr 22 09:48:59 2004
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Maybe the hydrogen bomb would be better for Afghanistan in the instance of fleeing survivors headed for Pakistan...

Dave geopolitico

Francis Graham wrote:

> Dear List,
> I want to give my opinion as other have on this
> list.
> Suppose we invade Afghanistan, or pound it in a
> Serbia-like air war. Refugees would pour into the
> nearest Islamic country, Pakistan, including Ben Ladin
> and Taliban. Even if disarmed (unlikely), wealthy
> supporters would re-arm them and the Pakistan
> government would be destabilized. Even if propped up,
> it would be weak, or weaker to some degree.
> Then maybe some of the more gung-ho Indian
> nationalists might make a grab for Kashmir, or
> Pakistan might perceive this based on some
> intelligence error in its then-strained government. An
> Indian-Pakistan crisis develops, and nuclear war on
> the subcontinent ensues.
> Our USA needs to give what we do careful thought,
> and make sure it does exactly what they planned. It is
> not a world of rash decisions, but the 21st century
> belongs to the creative and the most careful thinkers
> who can plan very well in advance, and consider all
> contingencies.
> And what of Usama ? Is he a US wanted criminal? If
> we capture him, is he then not a POW? Or do we ignore
> the Geneva Convention and put him to death for his
> evil deeds (if, as is probable, he is the culprit
> behind the 9-11 attack)? Or turn him over to an
> international tribunal for war crimes, which will then
> sentence him? I think the justification for a war
> crime tribunal is there.
> I don't know what options are best. I do not have
> the professional geopolitical skill or the strategic
> intelligence to know. But I sure hope folks in charge
> do and are giving it real, real, careful thought.
> What's the name of that TV program that had a guy
> going one week back in time? Wasn't there an episode
> in which someone hijacked an airliner and crashed it
> into the White House?
> Francis Graham
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