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From: Francis Graham <francisgraham_at_meteoritecentral.com>
Date: Thu Apr 22 09:48:59 2004
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Dear List,
  I want to give my opinion as other have on this
  Suppose we invade Afghanistan, or pound it in a
Serbia-like air war. Refugees would pour into the
nearest Islamic country, Pakistan, including Ben Ladin
and Taliban. Even if disarmed (unlikely), wealthy
supporters would re-arm them and the Pakistan
government would be destabilized. Even if propped up,
it would be weak, or weaker to some degree.
   Then maybe some of the more gung-ho Indian
nationalists might make a grab for Kashmir, or
Pakistan might perceive this based on some
intelligence error in its then-strained government. An
Indian-Pakistan crisis develops, and nuclear war on
the subcontinent ensues.
   Our USA needs to give what we do careful thought,
and make sure it does exactly what they planned. It is
not a world of rash decisions, but the 21st century
belongs to the creative and the most careful thinkers
who can plan very well in advance, and consider all
   And what of Usama ? Is he a US wanted criminal? If
we capture him, is he then not a POW? Or do we ignore
the Geneva Convention and put him to death for his
evil deeds (if, as is probable, he is the culprit
behind the 9-11 attack)? Or turn him over to an
international tribunal for war crimes, which will then
sentence him? I think the justification for a war
crime tribunal is there.
   I don't know what options are best. I do not have
the professional geopolitical skill or the strategic
intelligence to know. But I sure hope folks in charge
do and are giving it real, real, careful thought.
   What's the name of that TV program that had a guy
going one week back in time? Wasn't there an episode
in which someone hijacked an airliner and crashed it
into the White House?

Francis Graham

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