[meteorite-list] justice in our courts?

From: SAMUEL E KIMPTON <bessel_at_meteoritecentral.com>
Date: Thu Apr 22 09:48:58 2004
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This was an act of war! it was a direct attack on the nation's economy,
military, and leadership.

Despite the comparisons to Pearl Harbor there are significant differences;
On December
7th the Japanese waged an ineffectual attack on military targets in Hawaii,
roughly 2,700
people were killed, most of them armed forces personel. Yesterday included
attacks on civilians
who comprise the majority of those killed in action. Exact cassualty figures
are not known at this
time but will almost certainly exceed the total for Pearl by a wide margin.

All indicators point to Al Kada which is a terrorist network run by Bin
Laden, who incidently
was appointed the commander in chief of Afganistan's armed forces by the
Taliban Gov-
ernment on the 30th of August. To my mind the Taliban government is
complicitous in this act
against America.

I'm afraid the American people are not going to settle for a court

The entire world needs to know that if they support parties like Al Kadah
and Bin Laden they
can expect very severe repercussions.

A little note: Have you ever wondered why terrorist threats against The
Soviet Union ceased
within 48 hours of the first one ever made agains them in 1979? It is
because the family mem-
bers of the parties responsible starting showing up piece-meal, in packages,
on the doorsteps
of those same individuals.

The United States has historically taken a civil stance in dealing with such
situations. I personally
believe that the time has come to take off our gloves and deal with these
folks in an effective manner.

As I see it we are at war. This is a time for unity amongst all Americans.
Things are going to get a
little rough but we can tough it out if we stand together. It is a time to
remain calm but to remain resolute.

We have not yet experienced the full impact of yesterdays events. The loss
of the WTC will have eco-
nomic repercussions world-wide. Recovery will most likely be very slow but
the thing to do is sit tight
and stick with one's long term plans.

Sam Kimpton

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>> "We hope the courts find justice"
>Courts? No. Millitary? Can't wait!
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