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Date: Thu Apr 22 09:48:58 2004
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Dear all,

our sypathies to everyone touched by the evil and horror that came to America
yesterday. We're all completely shocked and stunned by the events in NY and
Washington and couldn't believe what we were watching live on tv.
We're no strangers to the evil acts of terrorism here in Britain - it's been
with us for so long now that I can't even remember when it all first started,
though the threat still continues to this day. As a kid living in London, we
even had to watch our mail in case some sick mind had mailed a letterbomb to
us.....women and children were all considered fair targets by these fanatics.
I doubt if much of the latter day bombings in Britain reach the news in the
States these days, but the resolve of not yielding to terrorism is as strong
here today as it's ever been.

Our best wishes to you all.


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