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From: Rob and Colleen <iguana_at_meteoritecentral.com>
Date: Thu Apr 22 09:48:57 2004
Message-ID: <3B9EA76F.B3E53FEE_at_pcez.com>

In reading the numerous posts to the list regarding the recent attack on
The US, the response from many is that words can not describe the events
of the day. I've got a few. Sickening, malignant, craven, malevolent,
inhuman, and finally, a mistake. An attack of this nature represents
years of planning, training pilots, memorizing flight plans, millions of
dollars and flawless choreography. A full understanding of the American
Machine at work, how our media reacts, our economic processes. Nothing
less than an act of war. Where they have failed, however, is in knowing
that despite the high profile, outspoken nature of people regarding our
government, our indecision in selecting a leader this year, the crime
and the controversy, we are ONE NATION. In a time so bleak, we will not
scatter like ants trying to save ourselves. We will, as we have in the
past, unite as a unified republic and swiftly rain Hell on the
perpetrators of this. We will suffer for years to come but fires will
cool, the fortresses will be rebuilt, and we will go on, perhaps

Now I don't find myself to be an excessively patriotic person, I didn't
serve in the military, I don't even own a flag. But when something like
this happens I, like all other Americans, feel an absolute visceral
certainty. My life has been devoted to medicine, I will not even kill a
spider living in my house, but I WOULD NEVER GROW TIRED OF MAKING THOSE

Today and the next few weeks will be remembered by the gods of history.

Thanks for letting me vent. Glad we as a group are intact.

Rob Wesel
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