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Date: Thu Apr 22 09:48:57 2004
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Some more misc. ramblings in respone to the recent messages:

I couldn't find Marvin's or Kitty's name on their web site. Thats what you where talking about in your last
message. If you didn't know them from the shows you would not buy from them just going by their web site.

I used to sign my posts in the beginning, then once I had been using the email name Spacerocks and still signing my
messages I started using just Spacerocks and figured everyone knew who I was by now (then). Since the "from"
portion of the email message is usually the first thing most people read to determine if they even want to read the
message I thought signing the message was redundant. I don't mind signing my messages, but it really strikes my
rebelious nerve when someone says I have to sign them. I'm not trying to hide anything. I'm just trying to "lay
claim" to the name Spacerocks so no one else starts using it since I own the domain (which several people would
love to have). If you quit signing your messages I would know that Sharkkb8_at_aol.com (not your real name) was
Gregory from your previous posts. I feel that is where I'm at at this point.

I bet people would recognize George and Abe's handwriting after seeing it a while and could tell who the message
was from even if it wasn't signed. How many people on the list does anyone know personally anyway? Its just a
name ( what if people are using an alias, you'd never know). If I signed my messages John Quagmire you'd think I
was really John Quagmire. Does the name make the information more valid than information without a name? You have
to judge the information on its face. Don't believe everything you read. I don't care if newbies don't know who I
am because I don't know them either.

I think that people that think people that don't sign their messages are rude, paranoid or hiding something must
themselves be rude, paranoid or hiding something. I'm starting to sound like JJ, but I digress.

Oh yeah, I wonder how Burnd would feel if I posted his picture without asking him first? I thought that was
tacky. I don't care, it was just....enough.

Reluctantly Signed,
John, er, Rick :O

David Freeman wrote:

> Dear Listees;
> I am sorry for thinking that it was list policy to provide a name to
> list posts. It is good gramatical form anyway (well, maybe not, but I
> did learn in first grade to put my name on my paper). I am mostly happy
> to be associated with what I post.
> I once introduced myself to a Bureau of Land Management ranger once
> ...he wouldn't shake my hand in formal introduction. You know, I never
> liked that guy with due cause.
> I have been an active list member for over three and a half years, and
> I have no idea who the founding fathers are...due in part that the
> subject seems to have not popped up since I have been here.
> Maybe the founding fathers would like to cordially introduce themselves
> at this time.
> Where would we be if George Washington, or Abe Lincoln, or even John
> Hancock
> never signed their names....
> Signned and never able to lurk on such a wonderful list,
> David W. Freeman
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