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Date: Thu Apr 22 09:48:56 2004
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Here is another possible way to see it: (I'm not saying it's entirely how I see it)

I guess you won't be purchasing any meteorites from places like Cosmic Matter or Southwest Meteorite Laboratory to
name just two (there are certainly many more).

With regards to the list: I see no reason why I should be compelled to sign my name to a list of strangers like
the meteorite list. The people who I care about I would talk to in private
email with my real name, but to release your identity to any arsehole who subscribes to the list is opening
yourself to abuse. Probably 1 person in 10 is a neurotic, and a few percent of the population have psychotic
episodes. These people subscribe to internet lists just like the rest of us. The few times I received an
anonymous email with a virus I can only wonder if someone using the list
was unhinged. Luckily, none of the virus attachments made their way to my system, and if one were sent to me at
work I would send it to the authorities. No one on this list is entitled to know a name anymore than they are
entitled to know where you live. Anyone insisting you identify yourself probably has a vested interest in
obtaining your identity and they want you to know who they are so they can hawk their current deal of the day.

I repeat: This is another possible way to look at it and is not my view personally.

Sharkkb8_at_aol.com wrote:

> << So who the heck are you? Your website doesn't help either. >>
> Usually when I read a deliberately unsigned post, I subconsciously tend to
> dismiss the content a little quicker, but it doesn't really seem to rise to
> the level of being offensive, at least to me. What Walt touched on above,
> though, with a website, is a different story. I'm not referring to the
> specific website mentioned, but when I come across a website wherein someone
> is selling meteorites, I consider anonymity to be a very serious issue.
> Whether intended or not, someone who goes to great lengths to hide his/her
> identity, while "guaranteeing authenticity" of meteorites, has a cloud of
> suspicion hanging over the business. The more personal visibility, the more
> a dealer seems to be proclaiming his or her willingness to stand by their own
> business....and the opposite applies, too. $0.02.
> Gregory
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