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Date: Thu Apr 22 09:48:56 2004
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I always thought that the seller - a well known American dealer - is a
honourable person.
It also happens to me to know Mr. M. Masse and Mr. Diplom-Ing.Dr.Christian
Anger personally.
They are both extremely nice people of outstanding character and honesty.
The question necessarily comes up first is why the seller didn't deliver the
goods after items were paid by the buyer properly (very long time ago)? The
next question is why the seller didn't reply to any of the 16 emails from the
buyer which were stating the pieces never arrived after several weeks and
The next question is why the seller (this well known American dealer)
replies to any other email requests from other parties (just not to the person who
was awaiting the goods) at the same time?
But the biggest question of all is why a piece of Bondoc is offered on ebay
which according to several list members is the same as was paid but not
delivered to the first purchaser?
Do some American dealers really think Europe is far away that they can come
along with such a circus? Come on the meteoritic "world" is to small. You
can't sell a piece 2 times.
A public statement of this person who normally frequently posts on this list
is still missing.
On all what I know about this ownership dispute. I have to say this is fraud
My penny to this matter.
But let's continue to talk about meteoritics and not about pieces which were
sold two times.

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