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From: Michael Blood <mlblood_at_meteoritecentral.com>
Date: Thu Apr 22 09:48:56 2004
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Greetings all,
        Most of you are familiar with the paintings of Jerry Armstrong. =

He is most noted for his outstanding meteoritic and solar system
featured in such prominent places as METEORITE magazine, VOYAGE!
magazine, my own catalog =93logo=94 of the Sikhote-Alin fall and his work=

is prominently featured in Michael Casper=92s current eBay auction of his=

=93private collection.=94 =

        Jerry has just recently retired from his many years of work as a =

fireman and now can devote more time to his passion: painting meteorite =

falls, solar system bodies and space events; producing work that is =

unsurpassed in quality and vibrant in depth, color and choice of both =

subjects and unique perspectives from which subjects are viewed. =

        I am very pleased and honored to be chosen by Jerry to promote
his paintings. I am in the process of building an entire page
exclusively =

to his work and offering his work to the public in both Giclee =

(pronounced =93zee-clay=94) form, originals and custom ordered originals.=

Unlike usual arrangements where customers pay more going through
an agent, buyers will pay LESS ordering through me. Jerry gets more
work, I make a little and the buyer saves a little. It is a win/win =

situation all the way around. =

        The following are Jerry=92s prices, but when ordered through me =

the buyer will be given a 5% discount at all price levels (this means =

5% off the price you would get if ordering directly from Jerry). =

Here are Jerry=92s prices (which are already VERY modest, given the =

quality of his beautiful work):


12" X 24" =3D $500 to $1,000 $170-
16 X 20 =3D $500 to $1,000 $180-
18" X24" =3D $750 to $1,500 $240-
2' X 3' =3D $1,350 & up $440 =

2' X 4' =3D $1,600 & up $575
3' X 4' =3D $2,500 & up $825
4' X 6' =3D $5,000 & up $1,600

        Remember, ordering from me gets you 5% off the above
prices, whether it is a Giclee, original or custom original to
order. =

        The reason Giclees cost so much is the cost of having them
produced is vastly greater than having a mere 4 color print made. =

They are on canvas and include the actual three dimensional =

brush strokes of the original. =

        Upon order, one is produced. Then it is =93touched up=94 by =

Jerry to see that it is =93perfect.=94 It is then provided with a =

certificate of authenticity signed by the artist in the presence =

of a notary.
        A Giclee can be ordered in any size up to the size of the =

original (with the exception of 12=94 X 24,=94 which is proportionally
unique). He will custom paint any space event as per request. The
Higher prices listed for originals is to allow for pieces which include
exceptional detail work, and the price is agreed upon before the
painting is begun.
        To see just a few of Jerry=92s outstanding pieces, click below:


        Please remember a Giclee will be a FAR BETTER image than the one
you see on this site. Gicless of other paintings are available, and
images =

of those paintings will be added as soon as possible. =

        Contact me off list to order any of his pieces or to request
a custom painting of your particular favorite meteoritic event or space =

        Thanks, Michael

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