[meteorite-list] Meteor Streaks Over Northeastern United States

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Date: Thu Apr 22 09:48:56 2004
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Note: A reentry of a rocket body was expected over the Atlantic coast
of the US at around the time of this fireball. The rocket body was
1975-076B (#08128) Cosmos 756 RB.

Ron Baalke


Meteor streaks over northeastern U.S.
September 6, 2001

WASHINGTON (Reuters) -- A meteor streaked across the sky in the northeastern
United States on Thursday, giving early risers from North Carolina to New
York a spectacular fiery display.

U.S. Naval Observatory spokesman Geoff Chester said rocks, or meteors,
falling out of the sky are not unusual but that it's rare for so many people
to witness them.

"This one was so visible because of clear blue skies and the fact that it
happened when people were getting ready to leave for work or collecting
their newspaper," said Chester.

Thousands of people jammed telephone lines to local radio and television
stations and emergency hotlines to report the sighting of the meteor at
around 6 a.m. EDT.

Chester said the streak of light was visible for several seconds and that
the meteor probably measured anything from the size of a toaster to a small

Meteors are small stony objects that plunge from space into the Earth's
atmosphere every few weeks. The last major U.S. meteor sighting was in July
over the mid-Atlantic, when people from Virginia to upstate New York
reported seeing a fireball.
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